Friday, May 24, 2024


Don’t leave your Goalkeeping to chance!

Come and get expert advice, help, guidance, training, encouragement and contacts… from

goalkeepers who have played the game PROFESSIONAL!

Please call 0429329870 or 087-2346599 For your FREE training session.

Unfortunately there are now coaching organizations, or coaches who are starting to teach goalkeeping! Now this would be great for only one thing…THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED..!

What techniques would you learn?

There are many techniques that keepers will develop through J4K to help them perform… to name but a few:

  • Handling
  • Diving (Which covers, taking off, landing, get up quicker etc)
  • Footwork
  • Distribution
  • Shot Stopping
  • Angles
  • Kicking
  • Positional play (were to stand for corners etc)
  • How to blame your defenders before they blame you..!
  • Plus countless other techniques that will not only benefit the keeper…but also the keepers team!

The Coach 

Coaching is taken by current goalkeeper Steve Williams,Steve boasts a long list of professional clubs that he has played for,from Coventry city,to Cardiff city,to Dundalk.  See More on Steve Williams

The Individual:

Whether goalkeepers come to Just4Keepers for fun and to learn, or they are more serious about their keeping…there is something for everyone.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, so keepers can express themselves and J4K will be as bold to say that we guarantee that your child/keeper will develop into a very capable goalkeeper!

For the keepers who are serious about being professional, not only will you get the chance to train just like a professional goalkeeper, you will get advice, help, support, contacts and the backing of someone who has achieved, what you personally are trying to do

It’s a mental art!

As a goalkeeper you also have to be mentally strong. Just4Keepers also teaches keepers how to improve concentration and also handle the pressure of being the last line of defence!

Call now on 0429329870 for your FREE lesson. 0r 0872346599

Fees are 40 euro for the month (whether there are four or five weeks). This works out at only about 9 euro per session.

You can only get involved with J4K through invitation only.

Please Note: This is a very specialist area and you should only let a goalkeeper coach who has played the game professional teach you these techniques.

MANAGERS: If you are looking for a goalkeeper, J4K has a list of dedicated keepers looking for clubs…please call 0429329870 (between 10am –4pm) to see if we have a keeper in your area for you.

You will also receive:

  • Email support/ help line – advice line on 0429329870 (10am-4pm)
  • A Monthly newsletter with tips and help – Your development will be assessed – the opportunity to win FREE keeper equipment ever week